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The Wild Apple Story

We moved to Woodstock, Vermont, with our not-even-one-year-old baby in the fall of 1989. Our goal was to build a business that would be self-sustaining; our back up plan was to find jobs. We fell in love with art publishing and the idea of making beautiful art accessible. We spent the next six months researching the industry and writing a business plan. We were hooked.

We’re often asked where we got the name Wild Apple. The truth is finding a name for the business was harder than naming our kids. We had pages of words that we tried to combine together – Vermont, Green, Deer, Mountain…. The farmhouse we had just moved into was in less than stellar shape. Our back field was overgrown with brush and occasional wild apple trees. So Wild and Apple went on the list. We liked the positive and zany juxtaposition of the name and so it stuck. Ironically, years later as we cleared out the brush, it turns out the apple trees were all in a perfect row – not wild at all. But it was too late to name the company Cultivated Apple Graphics.

Over the years we’ve watched art publishing change dramatically. From a small industry, it has blossomed into a global force that we’ve been proud to grow into. We’ve stayed true to to the notion that creativity, respect and hard work are at  the core of our business. We do business by the golden rule: treat artists, customers, suppliers, and each other the way we want to be treated. We have a lot of  fun. We’re always learning, and we’re very pro-chocolate.

So as we celebrate these amazing, incredible, creative and sometimes humbling years, we want to say thank you to our artists, customers, employees, suppliers and friends for your support.