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Celebrating the Year of the Rooster

Year of the Rooster Decor

Good-bye monkey – we’re celebrating the rooster!


January 28, 2017 was the start of the lunar new year. 2017 is making its mark as the year of the rooster – and not just any rooster – the fire rooster!


The rooster represents hard work, diligence, order and time keeping – after all who wakes us better at dawn than the fantastic rooster! There are so many amazing traditions associated with lunar new year including fireworks to scare off evil spirits, foods like noodles for luck and wearing red.


Our favorite tradition? Updating the home of course. In addition to giving your digs a good clean to cleanse it of bad spirits, adding rooster-themed decor will keep good energy in your home all year round.


We have over 100 stylish rooster images by artists like Danhui Nai, Lisa Audit, James Wiens, Janelle Penner and more. Log in to our website to start your collection.  


Rooster-themed art and decor

Anita Petersen

Anita Petersen

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