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Colorful Home

bright colors for the home

We love bright, beautiful,
bold, brilliant color.

It’s easy to be scared of bright colors in the home. Frankly, the idea of painting a wall bright orange, or red, leaves us with chills. Have no fear, there is an easier way … art and home decor accessories to the rescue!


Everywhere you look you are going to see color. Swap out a few vases, add some art, throw in some pillows and a room goes from basic to bold. One of the best things is that this type of decorating gives a lot of freedom. Not only can you move accessories around from room to room but you can easily toss in something new every season to satisfy your obsession with the latest looks. And no matter what anyone says, having a closet full of throw pillows is not an obsession … take it from someone who knows.




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Anita Petersen

Anita Petersen

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